Bench Type Pneumatic Calibration Pump
Stable and reliable pressure occurs when pressure instruments within the range of -0.095~6 MPa are to be calibrated on site or in the laboratory. Thanks to the highly efficient secondary pressurization technology, the pressurization is faster, more stable and not easy to leak, making your calibration work twice the result with half the effort!
Product introduction

XINYI1431A can be used in laboratory or field environment. It adopts open and transparent design and is characterized by simple operation, stable pressure rise and fall, small adjustment fineness, convenient maintenance and no leakage. The built-in gas-liquid separator and well-designed exhaust valve effectively avoid the pollution of the pump body. The unique precision stop valve ensures the stability of pressure during calibration. Unique design NPT1/2 The internal thread quick connector can quickly disassemble and assemble the pressure instrument without spanner and raw material belt. The carefully designed pressure bar structure and labor-saving pressure making process can make your calibration work twice the result with half the effort.

Technical parameter

Operating environment: on-site or laboratory

Pressure range: (-0.095~6) MPa

Adjusting fineness: 1Pa

Pressure transmission medium: air

Pressure connection: NPT1/2  Quick connect internal thread (3)

Volume: 450mm × 370mm × 180mm

Weight: about 9kg

Operating temperature: (0~50) ℃

Relative humidity:<85%


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