Flameproof Digital Pressure Gauge
1. Accuracy level: 0.5%FS, 0.4%FS, 0.2%FS, 0.1%FS, 0.05%FS
2. Pressure range:
Gauge pressure: -100kPa ~ 0 ~ 600kPa ~ 260MPa
Differential pressure: 0 ~ 100kPa ~ 3.5mpa
Absolute pressure: 0 ~ 100kPa ~ 60MPa
3. Operating Environment:
Ambient temperature :(-20 ~ 50) ℃;
Relative humidity: < 95%;
Atmospheric pressure :(86 ~ 106) kPa;
Storage temperature :(-30 ~ 80) ℃.
4. Display: SFTN LCD, white backlight, 5 digit digital display.
5. Power supply mode: 3.6V non-rechargeable lithium battery (ER34615H);
6. Installation method: Radial mounting.
7. Other indicators:
External dimension: 100mmx49mm, total length: 168mm
Weight: 1 kg
Pressure interface: standard M20*1.5 external threaded connector (can be customized according to user needs);
Product introduction


The new generation YW-100GB precision Flameproof Digital Pressure Gauge adopts the dual design of intrinsic safety and flameproof, low power consumption design, using large capacity 19AH battery power supply, can last 3-5 years; The backlight and switch button are designed with magnetic pen, which can be used to switch the machine and switch the backlight on without opening the front cover, for the convenience of users.


● 19Ah lithium battery power supply (ER34615H), low power consumption design, the battery can last 3-5 years. 

● Battery replaceable design, convenient for customers to replace the battery. 

● Wide temperature compensation, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. 

● Magnetic pen operation can open the backlight and switch machine, without removing the front cover. 

●11 pressure unit conversion, and can be set to convert the unit, close the unit not used. 

● Explosion - proof and security double explosion - proof design.


The Flameproof Digital Pressure Gauge uses two bellows with the same rigidity based on the pressure-sensitive element, so it is forced to generate the same collection force under the same measured medium to act on the movable support respectively, because the two sides of the spring are under the action of equal torque There is no deflection, so the bracket is still in the original position, so the gear transmission mechanism does not move, so that the pointer is still at the zero position. When different pressures are applied (generally the high pressure end is higher than the low pressure end), the two bellows act on the movable bracket. The force on it is not equal, and the differential pressure value between the two is indicated by the deflection of the pointer.


The Flameproof Digital Pressure Gauge not only solves the calibration of standard pressure, but also better meets the needs of comprehensive testing on site. It can be used as a high-accuracy calibration standard (meter) for the calibration and verification of pressure transmitters. It is a portable instrument for both AC and DC. While measuring pressure, it can measure current and display it on the LCD at the same time, and it is equipped with 24VDC output.

The microprocessor automatically compensates the zero drift, temperature drift, nonlinearity, etc. of the instrument to ensure high accuracy within the operating conditions of the instrument, and has good anti-vibration performance, especially suitable for working environments with mechanical vibration and medium pulsation. It is used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids that are not corrosive to copper and copper alloys, or stainless steel alloys, and send a signal when the pressure reaches a predetermined value, and connect the control circuit to achieve the purpose of automatic control alarm.


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