Storage digital pressure gauge
On-site display and simultaneous storage of instrument pressure value, time, etc. The built-in memory can store more than 10,000 pieces of data; the combination of USB communication and supporting software can carry out simple data collection, analysis, reporting, and graph display, which is a must for experimental data storage and collection.
Product introduction


- Collection, storage and analysis of oil and gas production pressure data;

-Collect, store and analyze pressure data of urban water network, heat network and gas network;

-Laboratory stress testing and analysis;

- Used to calibrate pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision pressure gauges, ordinary pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers, etc.;

- Meet the corrosive, impact, vibration and other places;

-Meet the needs of measurement and testing standard instruments in various industries;

-Accuracy reaches 0.05, meeting the requirements of high-precision pressure acquisition;

-Meet the needs of measurement and testing standard instruments in various industries;


-11 kinds of customizable units, easy to choose;

- Acquisition speed (0.025~7200) sec/time, freely set;

-4.1V rechargeable battery, eliminating the trouble of battery replacement;

-10000 pieces of data storage, easy to carry and collect data;

-The keys are touch type, not easy to damage.

 - Backlight function,

 -Intuitive pressure percentage bar graph, intuitive and easy to understand;

-Signal isolation technology, electromagnetic and electric frequency anti-interference technology;

-Zero point self-stabilization technology, temperature automatic compensation technology;


Product parameters

Display unit

Pa (Pascal), kPa (kilopa), MPa (megapa)

psi (pounds), bar (bar), mbar (millibar)

kgf/cm2 (kg force/cubic centimeter)

inH2O (inch water column), mmH2O (millimeter water column)

inHg (inches of mercury), mmHg (millimeters of mercury)

Measuring range

Gauge pressure: -0.1MPa~0~...~260MPa

Differential pressure: 0~500Pa~...~3.5MPa

Absolute pressure: 0~0.035MPa~...~60MPa

level of accuracy

Level 0.05, Level 0.1, Level 0.2, Level 0.5

communication method

RS485, USB

Power supply

Built-in 4.1V rechargeable battery

Collection speed

Stable performance

Better than 0.1%FS/year

Battery working time

4.1V built-in rechargeable battery, can be used for one charge, reference conditions: (16 ~ 25) ℃

Ambient temperature


  Relative humidity


  Atmospheric pressure



Calibration reference ambient temperature: 20℃±2℃

At 0.05 level, the working environment temperature of the instrument: (0~50)℃

 Measure the temperature of the medium

Normal (-40~120)℃

Wide temperature (-60~150) ℃

Display method

Five-digit display + percentage bar graph

Protection level


Explosion-proof grade

ExiaIICT4 Ga

Overload pressure

(1.5 to 3) times the range, depending on the measurement range

Software configuration

Comes with intelligent storage instrument analysis software (with USB communication) to export instrument data, automatically store, automatically draw pressure curve, can be exported to Excel form, read, print and save.

Process connection

Metric system: M20×1.5, M14×1.5, M14×1, etc.

British/American Standard: G1/2, G3/4, G1/8, G3/8

NPT 1/2, NPT 1/4, NPT 1/8, etc.

Installation method

①Radial ②Axial ③Disk Mount ④Split


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