Diaphragm Digital Pressure Gauge
1. Accuracy class: 0.5%FS, 0.4%FS, 0.2%FS, 0.1%FS, 0.05%FS
2. Pressure range:
Gauge pressure: -100kPa~0~600kPa~260MPa
Differential pressure: 0~100kPa~3.5MPa
Absolute pressure: 0~100kPa~60MPa
3. Use environment:
Ambient temperature: (-20~50)℃;
Relative humidity: <95%;
Atmospheric pressure: (86~106) kPa;
Storage temperature: (-30~80)℃.
Product introduction


The Diaphragm Digital Pressure Gauge adopts the indirect measurement method, which is suitable for measuring the medium pressure of strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, easy to solidify, and solid floating matter, and it is necessary to avoid the measurement medium directly entering the general-purpose pressure instrument and prevent sediment accumulation and easy In the case of cleaning, the diaphragm pressure gauge consists of a diaphragm isolator and a general-purpose pressure gauge to form a system of pressure gauges.


●Touch keys, and with key tone, effectively improve the use of keys.

●Using 4000mAh lithium battery for power supply (ER18505H), low power consumption design.

●The battery can be replaced, which is convenient for customers to replace the battery by themselves. .

●Wide temperature temperature compensation, suitable for various harsh environments.

●Peak record, unit conversion and other functions are complete and easy to use.

●Users can set the acquisition rate, automatic shutdown time, key lock time, backlight automatic shutdown time and other parameters according to their own habits.

●11 kinds of pressure unit conversion, and the unit to be converted can be set, and the less commonly used units can be closed.

●Increased the function of restoring factory settings.

During the operation, if the user makes a mistake, such as mistakenly reset to zero under pressure, mistakenly enter the setting interface, etc. You can use this function to restore the pressure gauge to the factory calibrated data and settings.

●In order to prevent other keys from being touched, a lock key has been added.

In use, you can press the lock key, and a lock pattern will appear on the display screen to lock other touch keys, and it will not affect the pressing and use. After using it, it can be unlocked and turned off.


The Principle of Diaphragm Digital Pressure Gauge is: When the pressure P of the measuring medium acts on the diaphragm, the diaphragm will deform and compress the sealing fluid of the pressure measurement system of the pressure gauge to form a pressure of P-△P. When the rigidity of the diaphragm is small enough, △P is also small, and the pressure formed by the pressure measuring system of the pressure gauge is close to the pressure of the measuring medium.


Diaphragm Digital Pressure Gauge is mainly used in petrochemical, alkali production, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, food and other technological processes. It is composed of general-purpose digital pressure gauge, connector and diaphragm isolator. It is used when the measuring medium is strong corrosive, high temperature, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, easy to solidify, and has solid floating matter. 


SFTN liquid crystal, white backlight, 5-digit display.

Power supply:

3.6V non-rechargeable lithium battery (ER18505H);

Can be connected to an external AC220V adapter for power supply;

It can be connected between DC12V~DC36V.

Installation method:

Three types: radial installation, axial mounting plate, split installation;

Other metrics:

Dimensions: ¢100mmx49mm, total length: 168mm

Weight: 0.6Kg

Pressure interface: standard M20*1.5 male thread connector (can be customized according to user needs);

Additional features:

Can measure temperature: the resolution is 0.1℃;

Pressure percentage indication: display the percentage of pressure measurement value with a progress bar;

Can bring (4-20)MA output;

Can bring RS485 communication;

Can bring single or double circuit contacts;

With data storage, 50,000 pieces of data can be stored, and data can be exported by U disk or computer software; it only takes 7 minutes to export data;


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