Axial Digital Pressure Gauge
1. Overload pressure: 150%FS
2. Power supply: 18650 lithium battery (3.7V)
3. Working environment: Temperature: -10℃~50℃; Humidity: ≤85%RH;
4. Calibration reference environment: 20℃±2℃
5. Explosion-proof level: ExiaIICT4
6. Protection class: IP65
Product introduction


YW-100B series precision Axial Digital Pressure Gauge is a high-precision intelligent pressure measuring instrument developed and produced by our company according to the latest national standards. YW-100B series digital pressure gauge is mainly composed of pressure sensor and signal processing circuit. Imported pressure sensor is used, with superior performance, high precision, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, vibration resistance, low temperature drift, high stability, etc. The signal processing circuit adopts the latest ultra-low power consumption processor, signal processing chip and power supply Management chip composition. Powered by a large-capacity high-performance lithium battery, no external power supply is required. The appearance of the instrument is exquisite, small and beautiful, and it is easy to use and operate.


·Touch buttons, no mechanical contacts, which solves the problem of service life and sealing very well.

·Wide temperature compensation.

·Unit conversion, peak and valley hold and other functions are complete.

·Complete additional functions, customers can set according to their own environment and habits, flexible use.

·The battery can be replaced.

·Pressure unit: mmH2O, mmHg, psi, kPa, MPa, Pa, mbar, bar up to ten pressure units (optional);

·It can display the dynamic change curve of online pressure measurement, peak recording function, etc. (optional);

· Various additional functions. Such as RS486 interface output, 4-20mA output, data instant messaging output USB interface, storage function.


Axial Digital Pressure Gauge is easy to install and is widely used in various water systems, chemical, petroleum and other industries. The casing of the pressure gauge is generally stainless steel, the surface material is glass, and the pressure gauge components include spring tubes and the like. Under the action of pressure and vacuum, the spring tube produces elastic deformation to cause the displacement of the tube end. The displacement is amplified by the mechanical transmission mechanism and transmitted to the indicating device, and then the pointer indicates the measured pressure or Vacuum value.

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Technical indicators

1. Electrical characteristics

1) Measuring range: see label

2) Accuracy class: see label

3) Display mode: 5-digit dynamic display + percentage indicator bar

4) Pressure units: Pa, kPa, MPa, psi, bar, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, kg f/cm2 (determine which unit can be converted and displayed according to the full scale, and the number of displayed digits does not exceed 5) .

5) Overload pressure: 150%FS

6) Power supply: 18650 lithium battery (3.7V)

7) Working environment: Temperature: -10℃~50℃; Humidity: ≤85%RH;

Calibration reference environment: 20℃±2℃

(8) Explosion-proof level: ExiaIICT4

(9) Protection class: IP65

2. Mechanical properties

(1) Process interface: M20×1.5 (external thread), special thread interface needs to be customized

(2) Dimensions: height 170mm, width 110mm, thickness 50mm

(3) Weight: 600g

3. Range

(-100~0)kPa, (0~40)kPa, (0~600)kPa, (0~6)MPa, (0~40)MPa,

(0~2)kPa, (0~60)kPa, (0~1)MPa, (0~10)MPa, (0~60)MPa,

(0~5)kPa, (0~100)kPa, (0~1.6)MPa, (0~16)MPa, (0~80)MPa,

(0~10)kPa, (0~160)kPa, (0~2)MPa, (0~20)MPa, (0~100)MPa,

(0~20)kPa, (0~250)kPa, (0~2.5)MPa, (0~25)MPa, (0~160)MPa,

(0~25)kPa, (0~400)kPa, (0~4)MPa, (0~30)MPa.


The use of Axial Digital Pressure Gauge is extremely common, and it pervades almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. Pressure gauge applications can be seen everywhere in heat pipe networks, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply systems, vehicle repair and maintenance shops, etc. It is mainly used to measure the pressure of the medium.


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