YW-3051DP Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter
The YW-3051DP intelligent differential pressure transmitter is suitable for liquid, gas differential pressure or flow measurement.
Product introduction

YM-3051DP Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter

   Measurement medium: gas, steam, liquid

   Measurement range: (when not relocated): 0Pa... 100Pa~3MPa

   Accuracy: ± 0.075%

   Connecting liquid film: stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C

Product Features

  • The central sensing unit of the differential pressure transmitter adopts the world's leading high-precision silicon sensor technology, with an accuracy of ± 0.075%;

  • The working pressure of the differential pressure transmitter is divided into three levels: 16 MPa, 25 MPa, and 40 MPa, with a one-way overload pressure of up to 40 MPa;

  • Excellent static pressure performance, with an optimal static pressure error of ≤ ± 0.1%/10MPa;

  • The sensor is internally integrated with a high sensitivity temperature sensor, and the transmitter has excellent temperature performance, with an optimal value of ≤ ± (0.20 ×TD+0.10)% × Span /-20℃~65℃;

  • All stainless steel 316L silicone oil filled and welded sealing structure;

  • The micro range gauge pressure/absolute pressure transmitter adopts the world's leading anti high overload protection chip, with a 6kPa range of unidirectional overvoltage;

  • The protection pressure reaches 300kPa, and the one-way overvoltage protection pressure in the 40kPa range reaches 1MPa, which means the maximum capacity can reach 50 times the full range;

  • Stable and reliable, with an optimal long-term drift performance of ± 0.1% per year and 5-year maintenance free;

  • Extremely wide measurement range of 100Pa~60MPa;

  • Adjustable range ratio of up to 100:1;

  • EMC meets the requirements of GB/T 18268.1-2008 standard;


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