YW-140 pressure transmitter
The YW-140 pressure transmitter adopts a high stability sensor and integrated junction box design with high-performance computer laser resistance adjustment for temperature compensation. Equipped with dedicated wiring terminals and digital display, it is easy to install, calibrate, and maintain. This series of products is suitable for various enterprises and institutions such as petroleum, water conservancy, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power, light industry, scientific research, environmental protection, etc., to measure fluid pressure and be suitable for all weather environments and various corrosive fluids in various occasions.
Product introduction

Product Features:

1. Digital and LCD pressure display

2. Convenient zero and range adjustment

3. Reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection

4. Resistance to lightning strikes and impacts

5. Small size, beautiful appearance, and high cost-effectiveness

Technical Parameter:

measuring range-0.1~0┅100MPa
Overload pressure1.5x
Display method 4-digit  LCD
compensation temperature-10℃~80℃
Installation threadM20*1.5(Other threads available)
accuracy class0.2%、0.5%
output signal(4~20)mA
power supply18V~32VDC  Typical value24VDC
Display Range-1999~9999
relative humidity≤80%
Interface materialstainless steel


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