YW-130 pressure transmitter
The YW-130 piezoresistive pressure transmitter uses a piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor with stainless steel isolation film as the signal measurement element, and has undergone computer automatic testing. The zero point and temperature performance compensation for a wide temperature range have been achieved using laser resistance adjustment technology. The signal processing circuit is located inside a stainless steel housing and converts the sensor signal into a standard output signal. The entire product has undergone strict testing and aging screening of components, semi-finished products, and finished products, with stable and reliable performance. This product is widely used for pressure measurement and control in industrial processes such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, hydrology, etc. due to its excellent reliability, flexibility, and diversity.
Product introduction

Product features:

1. Reliable performance, safe and convenient use

2. Equipped with short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection

3. Can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure, and sealing reference pressure

4. Intrinsically safe products that meet the requirements of Exia II CT6 in the national GB3836.4 standard

5. Flameproof products that meet the requirements of the national GB3836.2 standard and have obtained explosion-proof certificates

6. The product provides a one-year warranty service


performance parameter

range      -0.1MPa---0MPa~0.01 MPa---100MPa
overload2 times the full scale pressure or 110MPa (whichever is the smallest)
Pressure rangeGauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed gauge pressure
Electrical parameters
type of outputcurrent modevoltage source
Power supply9~30V DC12~30V DC
output signal4mA-20mA DC(two-wire)0/1V~5/10V DC(Three-wire)
Load resistance≤(U-9)/0.02≥10k
insulation resistance100MΩ, 100V DC
structure parameters
housingstainless steel
sensor316L stainless steel
seal ringFKM
Cable 7.5mm Polyethylene special cable
Protection levelIP65(Plug-in type)IP68(Cable type)
environment condition
Medium applicabilityVarious fluids that are non corrosive to 316L stainless steel and fluororubber
Compensation temperature  -10℃ - +80℃
working temperature  -30℃- +80℃
Storage temperature  -40℃- 125℃
performance index
zero temperature0.03%FS/℃(≤100kPa); 0.02FS/℃(>100kPa)
Full temperature coefficient0.03%FS/℃(≤100kPa); 0.02FS/℃(>100kPa)
Long term stability±0.3%FS/ YEAR(MAX)


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