Double flange liquid level differential pressure transmitter
Model 3051 double flange liquid level transmitter is a new type of transmitter produced by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment. The key raw materials, components and parts of the double flange liquid level transmitter are imported from abroad. Strictly assembled and tested, the double flange liquid level transmitter has the characteristics of advanced design principles, complete varieties and specifications, and easy installation and use.
Product introduction


Since the appearance of the double flange liquid level transmitter model completely integrates the structural advantages of the two most popular and widely used transmitters (3051 and EJA) in China, it gives users a refreshing feeling. The traditional series of products can be directly replaced in installation, and have strong versatility and substitution capabilities. In order to be suitable for the continuous improvement and development of the domestic automation level, in addition to the small and exquisite design, the double-flange liquid level transmitter series products have also introduced intelligent functions with HART fieldbus protocol.

The two pressures of the measured medium enter the high and low pressure chambers and act on the isolation diaphragms on both sides of the delta element (ie the sensitive element), and are transmitted to both sides of the measurement diaphragm through the isolation sheet and the filling liquid in the element. The electrodes on the measuring diaphragm and the insulating plates on both sides each form a capacitor. When the pressures on both sides are inconsistent, the measurement diaphragm will be displaced. The displacement is proportional to the pressure difference. Therefore, the capacitances on both sides are not equal. Through the oscillation and demodulation link, it is converted into a signal proportional to the pressure.


Analog features


● High precision

● The range and zero point are continuously adjustable externally

● Good stability

● Positive migration can reach 500%, negative migration can reach 600%

● Two-wire system

● Adjustable damping, overvoltage resistance

● Solid sensor design

● No mechanical moving parts, less maintenance

● Light weight (2.4kg)

● The whole series of unified structure, strong interchangeability

● Miniaturization (166mm total height)

● Diaphragm material that contacts the medium is optional

● Unilateral overpressure resistance


Measuring performance

Used for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, flow measurement



Full performance




Turndown ratio


Measuring rate


Process connection is 

compatible with other 


Achieve low error measurement

The output voltage

Standard 4-20mA, with digital signal based on HART protocol


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