Diaphragm pressure transmitter
This product is widely used in water plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to realize the measurement of liquid, gas, and vapor pressure.
Product introduction


Pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic signal or electric signal for control and remote transmission. It can convert the physical pressure parameters of gas, liquid, etc. sensed by the load cell sensor into standard electrical signals (such as 4-20mADC, etc.) to provide secondary instruments such as indicator alarms, recorders, regulators, etc. for measurement and indication And process regulation.


The pressure transmitter selects sputtering film sensor, imported silicon diffusion type, ceramic pressure sensor as sensitive components, and adopts a dedicated integrated module. After fine temperature drift, zero point, and nonlinear compensation, it can realize the control of liquid level, gas, and steam. Accurate measurement and transmission of pressure changes of other media. Realize ideal monitoring of pressure vacuum in various places in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes and other departments.


Measuring medium

Gas, liquid, oil and other media compatible with 316

Measurement form 

and range

Gauge pressure---maximum (0~60)MPa, minimum (0~0.5)KPa

Absolute pressure---maximum (0~40)MPa, minimum (0~5)KPa

Negative pressure --- (-0.1~40)MPa, minimum (-0.2~0.2 )KPa

Accuracy class

0.1、 0.25、 0.5

Overload capacity

2~5 times the range

Long-term stability

Less than 0.25%FS/year, less than 0.5%FS/year

Power supply

15~36 VDC (rated voltage 24VDC)

output signal

(4~20)mA (two/three wire system), (0~10/20)mA


Display method

Pointer head or digital display optional


Adjust the zero point and range by adjusting the precision potentiometer

Working temperature: (-40~80)℃ Compensation temperature: (-20~70)℃

Operating temperature

-40~80℃ Compensation temperature: -20~70℃

Process connection

M20×1.5 external thread (Ф3 inner hole) or user specified

Isolation diaphragm material

316 stainless steel

Sensor interface material


Shell material

Aluminum alloy

Protection level




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