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Submersible Pressure Transmitter YWKT-1B

Pressure Range: >35bar
Output: 4~20mA, Voltage Output
Diameter: Φ26mm
Accuracy (Typ.): ±0.25%FS
Used For
This is a submersible level transmitter for liquid media level measurement. Analog 4 20mADC, 1-5VDC output optional. The liquid could be seawater, acid, freshwater, sewage and waste water.

YWKT-1B submersible level transmitter using highly reliable and stable piezoresistive pressure cell and signal processing inside, guarantee the good accuracy and stability and with high accuracy +0.25%FS. It has compact size, easy installation can be submersible into the liquid directly to measure level from the transmitter bottom to the liquid surface. It has a variety of output signals including current and voltage which can meet the different application requirement.

With reliable ex-proof construction and electronics, this model is also ideally suitable in EX areas and approved by DNV. MPM426W submersible level transducer outputs analog 4-20mA DC and 0/1V~5/10V DC signal with CE marked and the intrinsic safe version available. It can perfectly be used on a ship or marine application. It is used for general level measurement in applications of petroleum, chemi-industry, power station, city water supply and drainage and hydrology, etc.