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Floating Ball Type Dead-Weight Pressure Tester

Floating Ball Type Dead-Weight
Pressure Tester

Purpose:   The Floating Ball type  Dead-weight Pressure Tester is a new  model of Pressure primary Standard,  with nitrogen or instrument used  (purified) compressed air as power  and can give out a precision  pneumatic pressure signal. So it is an  ideal testing equipment for various  high precision pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmmiters, pressure  transmitter as well as precision pressure gauges, standard pressure gauges. (The  tester is provided with a flow regulator, no additional operation will be made  after adding on or taklng away the weights, It is very easy for use )  Main Technical specifications  

1. Main Data: (See Table 1)

2. Air Supply: Purified, dry, free from oil and in strument used compressed  air or tank-packed nitrogen of general purpose.  

3. Weight and weight Carrier Arrangement:  

(1) Model Y047 Pressure Tester is provided with 0.001MPa and  0.005MPa maked weight carrier one for each   Model y055A and Y055, each is provided with one piece of 0.005MPa  msrked weight carrier;   Model y059A and Y059, each is provided with one piece of 0.05MPa  marked weight carrier.   

(2) Without special specifying the weights will be made of stainless steel,  and provided according to the table 2.