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Anxinyi Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., founded in March 2017, is located in gazelle Valley Pioneer Park, No. 69, high tech Zone, Xi'an city. This area is a gathering place of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province and many scientific research companies, with a strong scientific and technological atmosphere. With a registered capital of 1 million yuan, the company is a legal enterprise with independent legal personality. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of industrial automation solutions and instruments. It is committed to the system integration of industrial process measurement, control and management in the fields of environmental protection, petrochemical industry, natural gas, electric power, water conservancy, energy conservation and consumption reduction, boiler heating network, dust removal equipment, metallurgy and mining, as well as the research, development, production, sales and service of electromechanical integration equipment, intelligent instruments, sensors, transmitters and controllers.


Xinyi technology has a group of multi-disciplinary professionals, adhere to the road of independent innovation and independent brand. We should always develop together with employees and customers, take promoting the development of national industries and improving the automation level of traditional industries as our own responsibility, and actively carry out cooperation and exchanges with international peers, so as to lay a good foundation for the internationalization of enterprises. Superior product performance, strong technical team, super first-class after-sales service, for the company at home and abroad in the instrument industry to establish a good reputation.



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